My Diary
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2005-02-20 08:16:43 (UTC)

So we won First!!...Yay

*****************Today is a special day it's the 19 of
february and uhh... It was suppose to be my real two year
anniversary. But, it's cool now it's on the 14. But n-e-
ways we had competition today for winterguard in San
Antonio and how exciting it's my first but last first
competition. That sounds confusing but ya!! We got first
out of five. It's alright but the show still needs some
touch ups here and there. But I'm proud of them all. But
the crappy thing about it is that we performed with no
shoes so after the performance someone stepped on my pinky
toe. So, ya I' still in a lot of pain they told me that I
broke it. They told me that the bones heal very quickly. I
was just like GREAT!!!Just what I needed. A broken FUCKING
toe and then Uly couldn't go because he had to
come out in the George Washington parade. I was so pissed
off. But, then I called Uly and he didn't
answer and he always answers. I thought that there was
something fishy going on. He has lied to me before so I
can't really trust him anymore. Then later I find out that
he's at his friends house wich is a guy. But they always
have girls over so ya I wonder!! I hate having this
feeling in my head that he's like doing something behind
my back. I know that he doesn't like the feeling of not
being trusted, But it's hard when someone lies to another
It's hard to trust them again. I don't know if I ever will
trust him again but you never know. I just don't want to
get hurt again. I'm so FUCKING scared!!!...It's not even
funny. I didn't want to get my hopes up again by bing with
him and I'm doin the total opisite I am. WHY?

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