Elizabeth M.
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2005-02-20 07:58:20 (UTC)

My night out w/tracy/robin

Well tonight I went out w/robin/ronnie/and tracy. The next
door neighbor"jimmy " came over. He was talking to me bout
if I had a boyfriend, Itold him not anymore, he didn't know
that mark and I were together, so he started to hit on me,
I told him to stay away from me because of his hair, He had
asked why and I told him that with a military hair cut just
the touch of it turns me on, he told me to come to him. He
had asked me how old I was and so I played the guessing
game, He guessed 22yr I laughted, I told him my real age he
was shocked, I had to pull out my licence to prove it. He
was asking about if he could get together w/me later. I
told we will see.
Then all of us went out. I met a guy named Dale. He was so
cute and handsome, he was built too. He bought me 2
beers.He was playing around w/me and the others, I told
ronnie that I could really dig him and to get me his
number, I told him that I didn't care that he was married,
all I needed was a one night stand and he would do. He was
telling me how long his dick was, I laughted. Hey he was
talking about how he likes eating pussy and wild ass sex,
my type of guy. We had
fun. Robin and I talked, she told me that she was/is bi
sexual, which is no biggie to me. Tracy and ronnie and
myself went to another bar,were another guy named Jason
bought me a beer before we all closed the bar. It was
funny,tracy and I were singing and I was so drunk I cant
remember half the shit that was said. We all got drunk
I showed all of them the e-mail Karen wrote me. Robin
called Mark infront of me and tracy to tell him what she
wrote and he still doesn't care. Robin came home early, she
caled up marks house to bitch everyone out, she told ollie
everything about her and mark. Let's just say that Mark is
in the shit house. I'd be suprized after this month if he
has any family member left that will talk to him. They all
hate Karen and Barb. They keep on saying about how they are
both whores and bitches. I don't care because they are not
me....What is
sad is that they are all disappointed in Mark and his
choices. I keep on telling his family not to choose sides
because it's not right but they continue to back me up. I
started to cry tonight because of something robin had said
to me, about when Mark threw that Party for the kids, He
told everyone not to eat anything that I had baked because
it was poision". That really made me upset, I couldn't
believe the shit he is saying about me, how I am a stalker
and etc. He is the one acting childish, I have never harmed
him or done anything to him but love him and honor him. He
is sick and needs help, Tracy told me tonight that if I
ever go back to him after the way he has treated me that
she will kick my ass. Ronnie is really upset about how mark
has treated me, the whole family is in shock to believe
that he is acting like this, they expect it from certain
people but not from him. Anyways, I told tracy that I don't
see Mark and I getting back together because of the way he
has treated me and the shit he is running him mouth about,
I can't be w/someone childish like he is being. Don't get
me wrong..... I love him and the only bad thing that I have
ever said about him was that he is an asshole and he gave
me herpies, those are the truth. Everyone keeps on saying
that what comes around goes around maybe for Mark but not
for me, He is having nothing but bad luck now, I told him
that this would happened when we broke up, so be it. I will
continue my search for my equal/soulmate. let him be fucked
up in the head and have someone step all over him over and
over again, that is what he wants, his heart broken
repeatly. That's pretty sick to me but hey some people are
like that, I am not one of them. I must be off to bed for