Autum's Leaves
2005-02-20 05:48:33 (UTC)

Love or Suicide?

The closer Spring approaches, with its unyeilding
time of fertility, the more and more I see friends falling
to the cult of love. But one thing puzzles me, the
correlation between falling in love and suicide is

"Pitter patter goes my heart..." I'm falling in love,
or debating whether or not to end my days by a quick fall
off a ravine. Even if the extended metaphor of suicide
gets stretched thin after one example, it still dosen't
mean that for some reason or another, suddenly, love is
all anyone can think about. Sure Valentine's Day made an
impact, with its gross amounts of drooling couples and
their perfect Valentine's gifts for one another, and I'm
sure all our animal instincts are kicking into high gear,
but why would intelligent, beautiful, talented and secure
friends suddenly settle for anything as long as it might
lead them to love?

I suppose it's like saying a camel has been going
through the desert for what seems like ages, and although
it has plenty of water stored up, it'll follow anything
that knows the direction of an oasis.

So, now, I have to wonder what the effects will be on
me. Can I fight off this urge to fall in love? To be a
hope-less instead of hope-ful romantic? Would I really go
through something that means I'd have to shave my legs
more often, always smell like some sort of perfume, have
matching outfits and will probably end in heart break

Let's face it, even though Spring is the time for
love and promiscuity, like the quote goes..."In a [world]
of millions of possibilities, sometimes it's nice to know
you only have one."