Tears of a Fallen Soul
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2005-02-20 05:14:52 (UTC)

Wow...Today was a long day...

Hello again.... wow like the topic says today was a long
day... first I woke up with a nightmare and wow I was
literally petrified to move off my bed until it was light
outside... then I talked to Ian and he came down which I
was UBER happy about.... I really love spending time with
him... anyways after that we went down to Fishers for his
bands was kick ass there were like 6 or 7
bands... I wasn't paying to much attention ... it was
awesome ...and this chick was talking to me (she will
remain nameless) and wow I got pissed at Ian for no
reason...but I don't know ... I believed him because I
barely know the chick I just met her today and he warned me
before hand that some people might talk yeah...
wow I'd write this in more detail but I'm exhausted... well
I'm off to bed...
~*~*Yours Truly*~*~
*~*Waffo Geek*~*
P.S. there was also this creepy old guy that was talking to
me and Ian in the cemetery I'll write more on that later

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