My Life
2005-02-19 22:07:09 (UTC)

Bad Morning

Yesterday we had no hot water so I couldn't shower before school.
Then I had to make sure I was at school on time so I could go to
the Sadie Hawkins Dance. When I finally got to school, I found out
that half of my friends were grounded and tat the rest didn't even
want to go. What a bummer. Everyone else that was going, kept
telling me to go too but I didn't want to show up alone so instead
we all chilled at my house that night. We got baked except for SM
because she had told her mom she was babysitting so she could
hang out with us! It was so much fun. We all just laughed and then
we dumped all this candy out of a jar and it was everywhere. After
RM left, SM and AF had sex on my bed and it was all cool! Around
9:30 AF left and SM called her cab and then she left too. After they
left I took a shower then went to bed!
And today was really boring because there was nothing to do at all
except think about how much I can't till I can drive and then be out
on my own. I think I want to live in Boston and maybe go to beauty
school or something! It'd definitley be hott but I wan't to lose weight
first and if my damn breasts won't grow, I'll have to get a boob job.
Maybe after beuty school I'll go to Las Vegas and work in a casino,
I hear that they'll pay for any kind of cosmetic surgery to make you
more "appealing" to customere! teeheehee!
But andway it will be great when i'm on my own because I will be
able to do whatever the hell I want!