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The white petal in the red rose
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2005-02-19 21:03:15 (UTC)


Alright there hasn't been a lot of interesting events this
week. But if i want to stay committed to this website i
need to get used to writing once in a while. x_x. so
forgive me if what i write today is completely useless
and...yesh. blah.

This week at school the teachers pulled out a bunch of us
out of class to tell us that we had been selected to help
with an Ellis Island special thing they had been
preparing. The reason why they had selected us was that we
fluently spoke a second language. (Which explains why Mrs.
Grover suddenly called up up to her desk in the middle of
class a couple weeks ago to ask me where i was born and
what my second language was x_x). The other people that
only spoke english would play the role as inmigrants and
what they had to go through when they went to Ellis island
in order to live in america. We were not supose to speak
in english at all around them when the Ellis Island day
happened...well...we ended up doing it anyway cause we
speak different second languages and couldn't understand
each other XD. Anyway, we were inspectors and had to
interview them, do phisical tests, intelligence tests,
check for lice, check their eyes, deport them, send them
back to the end of the line if they didn't have the right
stamps on their passports, and more that i don't remember.
XD. The first day we did it i was incharge of checking for
lice (so i made sure all the snobby girls got them XD),
and do the physical test, and the second day i was
incharge of stamping and checking their passports. It
ended up being fun ^^; some of the people got really
frustrated and made me crack up XD. I really can't
sympathize that much with the feeling of frustration when
everyone around you speaks another language because even
when I lived in peru i had been taking english classes
since kindergarten x_x. But I do remember one occasion
where i was especially mad, it was registration day for
school and i wanted to join chorus, but i didn't know
exactly how to pronounce the word, STILL it was pretty
goddamn understandable, but all the fucking teachers and
everyone else that i asked acted as if I was some kind of
a dumbass and my mom wasn't much help either. That day,
and that moment i REALLY REALLY felt like crying because I
knew that if i was still in Peru that would have never
happened. I've really been missing my family lately too,
as well as my old friends. A few days ago I got in contact
with my little cousin Leo and we were talking
online...sadly his webcam wasn't working XD. On
valentine's Adriana called me, i was sooo happy cause we
hadn't talked on the phone for a couple of months (WHICH
We just talked about ramdom crap and about how much we
hated the american government because they hadn't given me
my green card yet. *Sigh* I guess i AM better off in
america than peru because of the economy and all....but
still....i really wish i could see all of family again -_-
. I dunno, it's just...sometimes i feel so nostalgic and I
want to go back to were I was before, but I know that
that's not possible. I surprise myself when I remember
little details about my past, like the smell of my
grandma's room, or when my grandpa would tickle me to
death (well that's kinda unforgetable considering that
once he almost CHOCKED ME when he did that while i was
eating candy XD) I also remember the stupid stuff my
little cousins would cry about, or my bus driver XD. It's
just small things, but it means a lot to me that i can
still remember them. ^^

I'm been playing FF-X a lot lately, trying to beat Sin
(overdrive) on the deck of the airship. It's too freaking
hard!! XD. I got Yojimbo in the calm lands today, so that
should help...even though i don't know how much to pay him
to make him use his overdrive XD. I'm SOOO close to
getting the Flare ability for Lulu and Holy for yuna,
seriously I'm like 5 sphere nodes away. I'm also trying to
get Auron's leyendary weapon...but i need to get this
cloudy mirror thinger before i do anything and that's
gonna be hard x_x. *Sigh* ..i'm getting to the end of the
game (FINALLY O_O) ...i don't want to lose Tidus! TT_TT
I'll miss him too much! o .... oh well, i'll just have
to get the Ultimate ending in FF-X2 to make myself happy
^^. Wheee.

Okay i think i'm done writting for today. Lol. I told you
i didn't have much to say XD.