me and my life
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2005-02-19 20:52:50 (UTC)


Oh my god. yeasterday i was hanging out at the park with
justin. We were talking to Piyada and Shannon and we were
playin around and when they left me and Justin were
walking together and heasked me what i was doing that
night cause her wanted me to go to the movies with him. it
didnt happen cause we were going to go with michelle and
some of hewr friends but Michelle got invited to this guys
party but anyway we were at the end of the street were we
had to split and we hugged and when i let go he still held
on to me so i asked him what i could do for him and he was
just like "kiss on the cheak" so i was like ok but again
it sucks cause he should have kissed, kissed me but of
course i still have a boyfriend so he didnt but im
breaking up with Josh on monday so i can be with Justin.
Much love