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2005-02-19 17:15:22 (UTC)

lots o stuff

i went seussing with elena and megan denti on thursday and it was
sweet...nick mooney is indeed my hero! i keep singing those damn
songs everywhere i go.....i heart it....

last night me marsh n elena hung out..then megan and megan and
carter joined us late....even after the "vibe" changes and "bad moods" i
still had an awesome time...how can you not wit those kids??? i must say
i am starting to get amune to tickling...well mabye just a little bit....

even though open water is the gayest movie ever.....i was still a little
scared during it.....wow thats pathetic....but seriously sharks are sum
scary shit!!!!! that iz liek my phobia......my daddy iz taking me out to get
the best movie of all time today...(no not cruel intentions sadly) but
jaws...(just the first one not 2-20) im in love with that movie...

me n elena are making green eggs and ham....gotta run!