Enter My World...
2005-02-19 15:16:48 (UTC)

Friends vs. Aquantinces

Whoa, I didn't get up til half 2..lazy fuck.

It's my 18th on Monday. I dunno what to do, cause either
people are at college (I would be - i ain't going on my
18th. fuck that) or nobody has any money to do anything, so
it looks like i'll be spending a boring day..at home. i
mean, i went out last week in boro for my b/day (in a limo)
with ten mates..well, about 7 mates..3 of 'em i don't give
damn about. I'm ment to be going out
tonight with LG, SA & BA..ugh, how boring will that be?
sorry, i do think they are great..but i'm finding as the
weeks go by that we don't have that much in common. if i'm
being totally honest - they ain't really THAT interesting
(well, lg is..kinda), but SA & BA..well, i dunno. i don't
wanna call any of 'em simple, because that's harsh..i do
have fun with them, and we do kinda like doing the same
things (well, not really..drinking is the only real thing
have in common), so yeh, it gets a bit boring with them
unfortantely. i wish i had interesting friends. i have a
couple, but that's hardly earth-shattering is it? if KE
comes out tonigt, i'll come, but if she doesn't..well i
don't think i can be assed.

i've just txt'd MV to ask if she'd be willing to do
on monday, if LM will. i doubt LM will, so MV won't, so i'm
jee, come to think of it..as the weeks go by, my "friends"
are actually starting to sound like, well, aquantinces.
that's sad. that's really, really sad.


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