[ Peking ] 'Boy, I wanna BE!'**
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2005-02-19 11:36:08 (UTC)

19th★Afternoon =*)

Haahhh,My sister go to school at 1:30p.m.
I have my luch and see Tv! Haa,Chanel 11.I am lovin it!
Then when i was washing something.Lilian call my mobile!
She told me to go out! I want. then i call Anna.
told her go shopping together. Then We go to 88.5 by bus!
then we buy some sweet!Nice!!!.
then we go to a shop call Sanrio!
to fing Sanika & Lilian! Then we go to 4 floor to eat.
i eat suci with anna. sanika&lilian eat Pizza.
then we go to New Road! We go to Sun Star City.
Lilian 's cousin work at there. I have buy a Nike bag!
Nice! $175= ), then i back home with anna. Just feel
Sleepy when we by bus!.