my emotions..
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2005-02-19 09:38:27 (UTC)

to start..

finally something i can let my emotions out and not hear
shit from anyone.. well lets see.. my life its suxz ,, my
brother is locked up so far away from me .. i miss him so
much it so hard without him. somtimes i just wish i can pop
some pillz and it'll all be over wwith. hell be home i know
it but just the impatiant waitin iis harsh.
well other shit ... work its okay not enuf money and im
tired.. my mom o shit dont let me get started on that krazy
bitch. shes off the wall no joke...u got a 30 pack shes ur
best freind , i lvoe her but theres times i wanna choke
her.. lmao.. o boy if u only knew.. my dad well 1800 2300
empire .. shit hes the empire guy.. hmm i wonder is he
really my dad .... o yeah same feet.. lmao u all know whos
close to me what im talking about.. my familys offically
from the hood tell my mom some shit like she dont know
pleeezzz. back in the day she knew where the flamo weed was
and my dad shit he got all the bitches chillin at kiddie
land .. and my brother and i ... amanda this is for u ..)
we look so good when me and my brother walk down the street
lmao many cars honk and wave and try to stop us ,, no
joke.! he ll be on one side and ill be on the other..
pimpin aint easy espically when its me and my brother..!!
and my freinds yeah there there but i only got one true
freind and that person knows in her heart who she is and
why shes my only one .. but other than that ,, i got my 1st
tat gooofy on my ancle.. thankz david .. ill cut u if it
gets infected and i got a wooden leg.. on my momma.. well
ill let u know more next time boys and girls till then
ashalamamnlanikm.. love always~ jenny aka goofy :)