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2005-02-19 09:14:14 (UTC)

can i sleep please..

i worked today...and im here now cant sleep...thinking to
much like always...i dont know i mean maybe i just like
attention, thats what jimmy says at times at leats. hes
the cutest but he has been sick lately an di guess he
kinda gets in my nerves...i mena i love to spoile
him...but he acts too much like a baby and today i dont
think i was in the mood...well tomorrow i work
again...sucks i never thought i wouldbe working on the
weekend. anyway so i was here thinking and i realized
today is 2 years that i joined the marine
corps...wew...and well two more to go and then im
gone...but what will i do?? i have no clue...i might end
up staying here, got o school and do what i have been
doing but everything will be so different with out him.

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