Let's see how long this lasts
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2005-02-19 07:25:20 (UTC)

Don't wanna go

I don't want to go to bed yet. I shouldn't have taken
that nap. There's no one around to entertain me so I'm
just stuck. I went to the movies tonight. It was fun.
It was kinda weird cause I knew one of the guys I went
with liked me, and I feel really bad becuase I'm just not
ready yet. I wouldn't be able to date him even if I
were. He's a wonderful guy, but definately not my type.
Besides, its not fair to date someone when your mind is
somewhere else. I'm working on training myself, but I
don't really want to stop feeling the way I do. It
wouldn't be honest. I knew I couldn't go to the snowball
tonight. It would've been completely uncharacteristic. I
wish I could've seen you dance though. You looked really
nice. I wanted to dance with you. I called you after you
went up, but then I remembered you were tired; you
wouldn't want to talk for the heck of it, and I didn't
really have anything interesting to say. I just wanted to
hear aboat your night. I'm sure you had more fun at the
snowball since I wasn't there. I'm glad you were a hit.
I miss you. Going to see Hitch was a great alternative,
but it made me realize just how crumby guys are. I wonder
if it is common practice to go through your phone book to
find a girl that will make out with you for the night....
anyway... Life can only get better. I want human
interaction!!!! I wish you would call or there were
people around, but alas, we can't always have what we

Final thought: They're gonna put me in the movies.
They're gonna make a big star out of me. I'm the biggest
fool to ever hit the big time, and all I gotta do is act