My lil life!
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2005-02-19 05:01:43 (UTC)

Feb18 YEs to UM no to CSC

Dear Diary,

School was kinda ok, it’s a pity all this things are going
on in school that would disrupt our lessons cause we really
have a lot to do.

United Mapuans and the Central Student Council split again.
CSC is calling for us to have a silent protest and be really
quite bout the whole thing and just behave like nothing has
happened and in turn the Administration gets all the time in
the whole while we wait in vain. While UM is calling for an
active protest, a show of solidarity and a YES or NO without
any waste of time and a boycott of classes in the main time.

I support United Mapuans cause they truly represent the
student populace.

Enough of that, I went back to the gym today, its my first
time in one week and my inner thigh hurts like shit!! I know
its because of yesterday hehehehe….