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2005-02-19 03:21:46 (UTC)

A week in school

I am so happy that I am finily able to go to school now. I
have dreamed of this for years, my dream has come true. No
thanks to my mom. I worked so hard to get this chance.
Granted I am only in the GED program I am still happy that
I now get to go to school. I have only four classes and
thay all have no homework. I have to think that is the best
thing about the school, I need not worry about homework.
The best thin yet is that I still get to go to gulfwars. I
am so happy that I get to do that. I have to work tomarow.
but I always have to work Saturdays, but I don't mind. I
still have to talk to mom to see if I can go to the morris
dancing thing on Sunday. I hope that I can go to it. I
asked Aidean if he would like to go to Prom, but I am not
shure if he'll beable to go. if not I'll ask Trevor. but
one of them is bound to be able to go if not I guess I can
just go by myself but I think that it would be a lot mor
fun if I went with someone else. I am so looking forword to
next weekend thow I am realy happy to go to Cutliss and
Corsares. (I don't think that is right) but I am so happy
Tarrel and Barbrea are so dersriving of the title of baroin
and baroniss. I still have to think of a gift to get them
for that. and I have to think of something to get stpheny
for tutring me thust far. If it was not for her I would not
be where I am today I am so happy that she has done what
she has for me. I don't know how to think her and Jack.
Thay have done a lot for me. any way I am doning good in
all my classes I almost got my selfportret done in art
today. I did the chapter one test today as well. I am
thinking that I am almost done in the fraction section in
math(god I hape so. don't get me wrong I love math but it
is a pain in the ass some times, or just a pain in the ass.
My computer class is going well too I am now typeing faster
than I use to, I am happy about that. I am still looking
down at the keys thow sometime I am geting better at not
doing that thow. well I am going to have to do dishes befor
I go to bed. so yea I'll keep writing.