slave jess

Journal of Joels slave
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2005-02-19 12:54:46 (UTC)

subdiary 18-02-05

good morning Master?,
i am not sure if you still are my Master so i shall still
address You as such until i know for certain. i waited
anxiously for O/our special night last night. i was so
excited to be spending time with You and being close to
You. O/our regular nights are so important to me. As i
was not alone i apologised and said i needed another 15
minutes before i could have some privacy. i did not want
to sign out so You knew i was still here but not at my
computer. the chat program i am using has many glitches in
it which have been causing so many frustrations. i did not
realise i was in stealth mode due to no fault of my own.
W/we have some protocols that W/we must adhere to which i
failed to do when i finally got back to the computer.(my
excitement of being with Y/you finally caused this error on
my part). W/we got into a heated discussion which i was
punished for with 10 hard stroke of my leather belt across
my back and when i told you they didnt hurt (which they did
extremely) and i was crying i received a further 5 to my
back because i was defiant saying they didnt hurt and
because my eyes were wet.
You then disowned me for my attitude. I understand this
and yes Sir i was wrong. i deserved to be punished for my
attitude but i felt that the reason for it should have been
discussed before my punishment not after. I understand that
no Master wants a disobedient slave.


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