inside a broken mind
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2005-02-19 02:36:25 (UTC)


Well today was kinda messed up. Brandon ended up not going
to school cuz he couldn't wake up in the morning so we
didn't hang out earlier as we had planned on. Maybe I
shouldn't have kept his ass up all night :( Anyway I was
all pissed cuz I thought that he ditched me so he called
and explained everything. About an hour later I was cool
with it. Then he called me again saying he wanted to come
down and see me. Yeah that didn't happen either :( I guess
something was wrong with Davids mom so Brandon went over
there. Awe he's so sweet. Lol. I know im saying that now,
but before I knew what was going on I was super pissed. I
thought that he ditched me again and I cryed. Lol I know
im a big baby, but I wanted to see him so bad. Anyway I
did some other shit when I was upset, but then Brandon
called and made it all better. He explained what was going
on and I forgave him. Yeah so today sucked cuz I really
wanted to see him. But shit happends and I guess this is
one thing that makes us stronger. Cuz we now know we can
have a bad day and not fight. :D Good start huh? Lol.

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