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2005-02-19 01:14:44 (UTC)

i can tell you love me

i cAn tElL yoU loVe mE beCauSe ... yOu'LL coMe uP aNd giVe
mE a HuG...mAkE suRe iM oKaY aT 2 iN thE moRniNg aNd
yOu'LL liSteN tO alL mY dReaMs...cAN liStEn tO My pRobLemS
evEn iF yOu doNt kNoW wHaT tO sAy...mEeT aLL mY frIenDs nO
maTtEr wHo tHeY aRe...tElL mE iF yoU tHinK oR hEarD
soMeThinG aBoUt mE...gIvE bE a beAr aNd teLl mE wHen I
neEd You HolD hIm...wHisPeR sOmE swEeT tHiNg iN mY
eAr...whEn i cAlL yOu cRyiNg yOu sTop wHaT yoUr dOiNg anD
mAkE All mY tEaRs gO aWAy...kEEp tElLiNg mE iM pErfeCt
aFteR i kEeP sAyIng nO...tEacH mE yOur fAvoRiTe spOrT nO
mAtTeR hoW loNg iT tAkeS...hOlD mE cLoSe wHen iTs a sCArY
mOviE...cAlL mE yOuR oWn oR yOuR gIrL...wHo wiLl tElL me
bAbY iTs oK faLl aSlEEp...yOu tElL mE yOu lOvE me eVeRyDaY

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