2005-02-18 21:52:12 (UTC)

Lenten Discipline

I've been perusing other people's journals this week,
journals I don't normally read, and I've discovered that
many have a tendency to get bogged down in the past,
oftentimes the bad times in the past, and it's easy, oh so
easy, to get stuck there. I know this is true as I've done
it myself numerous times.

I chose for my Lenten discipline this year one which sounds
deceptively simple and easy but it isn't. It's to spend
fifteen minutes every morning praying and the prayers are
not to beseech grace or help or protection but to give
thanks. I've found this hard.

Certainly I have had bad things happen to me in my life but
the good has far outweighed it. Still, I have a tendency
to go back to the bad things, picking at the scars of old
psychological wounds until they bleed, instead of taking
joy in the life I have now or even better, trying to make
life more pleasant and more comforting for myself and those
around me.

So I've added something else to my Lenten discipline.
Something small. Every day I'll do some little thing to
make the world I live in, the world we all live in, happier,
more pleasant, easier. Smile at a stranger. Pick up a
stray piece of litter in a neighbor's yard. Give a friend a
compliment. Send someone a thank you note for a kindness.
Mother Theresa had it right: We can do no great things; only
small things with great love.