*When I'm Gone*
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2005-02-18 21:13:59 (UTC)


I can't believe I cried
I held it back for so long inside
and then today, I just let it break
I broke down and cried

embarrassing myself more and more
such a big baby am I
am I really that weak
that weak inside of me
my own self I begin to doubt
I can't control my emotions any more
everything's falling apart

I just want the things I had before
I just want to forget all of the bad things
and the things that are no more
I don't want to keep on dreaming
wishing for something that may never be
I just want to finally be complete

I'm not even talking about love
I'm talking about my life
the one that was denied to me
I hate pigeon-holing here
I would rather stare into empty space
have that blank look on my face
and just disappear, vanished into thin air
I just wish I wasn't here . . .

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