My diary
2005-02-18 20:54:25 (UTC)

lifs is so unfair

well got bak from the national jr honor society meeting
yesterday nad came home crying for a 1/2 hour...the
president was my job, i always said it was, and it will
always be...i dont mind that chelsey ran cuz shes my friend
and i luv her but y the heck did jackie have to win???? i
betcha she didnt come home from the first meetin and tell
her mom that she was gonna b president???
~r plan didnt even work!!!!! nothin came out the way it was
supposed to
~i got a little angry that i had to chose bewteen nicole,
hannah, and jen for treasurer that was a toughie...
~anyway after my cryin attack i went online and wrote in
big huge letters on me pro...I HATE JAMES bcuz it was
his "clan" that always got the votes. i have nothin against
most people in that group, but still theyre takin everythin
away from me. i do, however, hate james. oh well. i then
tried to say to myself that i shouldnt b cryin over this
cuz there r things way more important in life and i should
kno that. so now im over it but i still hate james

that was my terrible thursday at school

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