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2005-02-18 20:26:53 (UTC)

jesus gave me my sexy hair at a slumberparty

k so last night i cleaned my bathroom and my eyes burned
afterwords had soem beer and played battlefront for like an
hour then dave showed up we went to the "market" and we got
a 6 pack dave gave the girl a 20 and it was 11 something
the girl gave him the 20 back and a dollar and change so
fuck that with a stick my kitchen sick has been getting
really back like the water wont go down it any more and its
been like that for that last couple of days adn today i
wake up to a knock and its a plumber and my sink was fixed
hell yeha so anyway we went to dannys bfs party the theme
was 90s gangsta and there was a fog machine that would kill
small children that had it on full blast and no window or
anyhing to let it out in a room the size of my room so it
sucked me and dave got drunk my roomate kept hitting on him
while her little bf was there so we came back to my apt and
drank more and took a photoshoot on my roommates bed and
dave kept flicking his cig only in her room and then it was
raining the whole time and thats it i need to go to the DMV
right now but i dont know if im gonna go