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Thoughts Of A Dying Atheist...
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2005-02-18 19:59:47 (UTC)


lol Hello!

Well today... oh no, i'll start with yesturday... i didn't
really do much in the day, but went into town at about 4pm
and met Rich... went back to his house, had dinner, and then
got ready for going out! I thought, well i'll get ready two
hours early, it won't take me 10mins, and then i can watch
TV, but NO!!! it took the whole two hours! lol i think i
spent too much time putting on my white powder, and went a
bit over the top with it, i was SO pale, and then 1/2 of it
came off at the end of the night, so i looked a mess! lol...
oh yeah, then at about 7:50 we got dropped in town, and
walked to STUBBS where INSANITORIUM was! it was excellent! i
went the one last month, but had to leave like two hours
into it, coz my parents demanded that i get the bus home!
but last night dani offered to give me a lift home after it
actually finished at 12am...
INSANITORIUM is a night at STUBBS in colchester devoted to
Goths, its great fun! everyone there is lovely, i went with,
Richard, Danni, Rob, Iain, Libbi and this other girl which i
really didn't like called charlie... she's a wannabe with
her blue jeans and chav top! but thought that if she wore a
dog collar then she'd be ok to come in... i didn't actually
care what she was wearing at all, it was just the fact that
she was such an ignorant bitch to me, that i decided that i
didn't like her, and am now picking her to bits! lol
Oh well anyway... i chatted to this woman called Mary, she's
extremely nice! lol and chatted to the lot of us for ages,
which was nice!
Errrm... today i woke up at about 12pm... and then proceeded
to laze about until i went into town at 3pm.. met richard,
libbi, danni, rob and other randoms... and we all sat in
igigi for ages.. then we all went home! lol
Oh Iona is irritating me... i mean i'm mates with her and
everything, but she really doesn't consider me at all! I
mean, she says she does, but she actually doesn't! like the
other day, i ended up getting a bollocking from the fattest
woman in the world in school...
Oh, the kissing thing really does bother me... i think i
kissed her once because she wasn't in a good mood (but when
is she) but now, every single time she hugs me (quite
frequently) its *kiss* and it does get quite irritating! i
try and avoid it, but NO!!!
Oh also she always wants me to go round to her house and sit
with her and be depressed in her room whilst drinking
smirnoff ice! well quite frankly i have better things to do
with my time! i'm not against hanging out with her, its just
the fact that every time she asks me to go and see her, i
know i'll just sit on her bed, listen to music, and talk to
her about how pissed off she is! oh yay! thats fun!
I mean, i could be spending my time with Richard, or with
sam, dean, ben and co! and i don't think that she
understands this! (well obviously she will now, coz she's
gonna read this, and i'm sorry for hurting your feelings,
but its the truth, and i'm in a very blunt mood atm for some
Oh also the phone calls get quite irritating! coz she calls
me, and just sits there for 10mins huffing and telling me
how crap her day was! #1 i don't need to know that! and #2 i
could have told her that she was pissed off without her
calling me!
I just think its pointless calling me, just to complain!
thats what her diary is for! she can complain on there, and
then people can choose to read it or not!
There was something else, but i can't remember it! Oh well...
Now thats all out of my system, i'm going to go and do
something productive!

Tlk 2 u later! x