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2005-02-18 17:55:20 (UTC)

february 18 2005

hey today is friday, i didnt have school today so i pritty
much just stayed in bed all day and played viedo game how
gay i mean fun. i was going to go to the movies with just
me jessica branadce aj and john and then well idk but ppl
are like why cant i come nd then i was like come if u want
and then i was like whose all comming nd well jess cant she
has to baby sit, brandace is sick she is throwing up, and
john wont go if no one else is, and i havnt got ahold of aj
so idk! i say forget it. and if they rnt going im not going
so then i asked lyndsey nd if she wanted to she would bring
meg caitlin jill and what not and lyndsey cant go to tyrone
mall until she is a freshmen in high school? idk! werid nd
ways we were going to go to the movies and then go shopping
at hollister and areo. but guess not so im not going.
tomarow is my cousins baby shower. and well i decided to go
over there tonight instead and stay the night and help
clean and what not. so then ill be over there all nite and
all tomaorw. nd then on sunday im going over ajs house to
go on his boat and go to an island lol fun fun its not just
me its john jessica and mary also. idk whats instore for
that lol but hey. nd then monday i will be home again
because no school wow what a busiy weekend lol 4 day buisy
weekend! lol yay ok well update later. one more thing.
tomarow is also my grandpas anaversary, he died 4 years ago
on the 19th of february 2001. he was the best grandpa in
the world and im not just saying that. bye i love you
xoxo serena

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