My Magical Dreams
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2005-02-18 17:51:48 (UTC)

!!!!!FUN! FUN! FUN!

hey yall i am sorry that i haven't written for a whil;e i haven't had anything exciting
hapen to me lately except that i got a new boyfriend and he is supposed to be
spending the weekend but i don't think that is going ot happen at all and i am going
to be disappointed but i am still going to love him not matter what. I hope that he
loves and him have been together for almost a week. and i still haven't
heard anyword from my internet b.f? i wonder what is wrong. well if i get a chance i
will prolly call him this weekend or hope to see him. Wednesday was so much fun
fora field trip we went to pedros and it was my first time going everyone was
order ing a virgin margarita so i tried it and it was very good even though the
glassed were huge but i still drankl it all....i then had a taco salad and let me tell you
that they are huge i couldn't finish all of it..the waiter was cute but if my= b/f found
out he would prolly dump me becase he is very protective. Then yesturday i had
a blast we were celebrating my little sisters b-day at the bar and we just had a know those clubs or whatever that the cave men used to have.. well this
bar had one and i got to use it on the dj and i got him good..and i was excited
about that and i think that he was in pain so yea....anyway he g ot my sister and
my sister had a red mark on her leg..he menat to hit her ein the butt but got her in
the leg..she started to laugh tben then she cried becuase she said that it hurt and
that she couldn't stand it any wehne the dj saw her crying he apolgize
then he sang a song to amandad trying to make her happy but that didn't work
because she was in pain. well anyway then it came to the end of the party and this
dude asked amanda to do a duet with her but she told thim that she was losing her
voice and couldn't do it and she was telling the truth....she told him that stephanie
would like to sing so i sang and i had a te time i got home it was 1 30 in
the morining so yeah.. anyway...yeah...i have to go buh bye