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2005-02-18 16:39:32 (UTC)


Last night I did my homework, ate dinner, took a shower and
did my hair, and then I went to Tim's for the night. We sat
around and talked. I started massaging his feet and then he
did mine. :) He finished hanging up the sheets so it looks
a lot better. anyways...then we watched TV and went to bed.
I had to get up at 5:55 to leave to go home. yuck. There
was like a foot of snow. My ankles were frozen. It sucked.
I didn't go to school today. I would have been in a
horrible mood because I was so cold...and my stomach hurt
too. It was weird. I just ate breakfast and I should clean
my room but I don't have the motivation to do that right
now. I think instead of drying the roses that Tim bought me
I just want to dry the petals. I don't want to just yet
though. I have to babysit at 2. That sucks. Well it does
and it doesn't. I want to because I need the money...and I
don't because it's working. Even though i get to just sit
there basically and cuddle with the baby! :)Liam is at the
age where he is all lovey and cuddley. It's fun.
I don't know what I'm doing tonight. I told Tim that I
wanted to drink tonight. We will see what happens with that
though. This weekend we are supposed to hang out with Josh
and Kelly. Josh and Tim used to be best friends, and me and
Kelly are cool so it should be fun.
I am going to go now. I started watching Chicago and now
I think I want to go finish it.