My Life, My Journal
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2005-02-18 15:34:05 (UTC)

Jan. 23, 2005

I have a goal set on my mind, and once it is set there
ain't no stopping me. Over the past few months my weight
has been going crazy first it was too low and now it's too
high for my comfort. I'm weighing in close to 130, even
though I used to think this was a great accomplishment now
that I know I can get down to 115, 130 seems horrible. So
yeah I've got my little schedule and everything all worked
out and I'm losing this excess weight that I don't need any
longer. The hardest thing is going to be losing this
weight without my parents noticing. My dad is pretty quick
with this kind of stuff so I’m going to careful about what
I eat around him. Yes this is my goal and I plan on
accomplishing it starting tomorrow.


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