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2005-02-18 06:22:16 (UTC)


Thursday 2/17/05 Im sitting here thinking about what i
just saw on cam.I feel so much, like, i need that here.
Then i think, well, even after the sex part of it is over,
id feel more complete. Oh i dont know, call me crazy, but
I think being dominated by someone i first was leary of,
then didnt speak to, then come back and now have fantasies
of, isn't gonna be a bad thing ya know. I mean, we are two
totally different people and who knows what will come of
it, I feel more relieved now then i ever have, well not
sexual wise, cause watching that, has got me needing
something in a bad way. I hope this will bring us closer.
In what way closer, I dunno, but im gonna find out..Youve
been offline five minutes, and I already miss ya...

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