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2005-02-18 06:22:04 (UTC)


Not much has happened since the last entry. Listening to
Uncle Kracker. It is country/rock sound. I saw a Rock bio
on him and his family on I believe VH1. Seems like a pretty
down to earth guy and wife. I have not heard back from the
wife if we are still getting together on Monday. I need to
start paying her alamony. Have heard from the lawyer.

Well lets see, who haven't I heard from:
lawyer, natalie, christy

Will be having a poker party in a couple weeks to break in
the new pad.
Nascar starts sunday. Go Jeff Gordon.
Will be playing poker at Ryan's house on Saturday night. I
need to take them down. I would like a big win.
I have decided I will not write Natalie until she does. I
thought we were friendler than we appearantly are. Oh well.
I have gotten on.

I have been listening to alot of music and working on the
computer. I hardly watch any TV.

I did watch ELF last night. It was really funny. I thought
when Elf went to work with his dad and when the phone rang
and he fought his dad to answer the phone was really funny.
Elf answers it Hi I'm elf, what's your favorite color? I
liked when he found the santa at the store was an imposter.

Anyway, went to the folks and watched Survivior. It was a
good first episode. Will be heading to the folks every
thursday now.

Work is boring. Except for hanging with Josh and Erwin. It
is good and bad. It is fun, but I don't get much done. I
hate the bullpen area too. There is no privacy. It is
very hard to concentrate. There are so many distractions.
WE do have alot of good things happening. LAN and WAN
wireless. BGP install on Tuesday morning.

I am looking to get a iPod. Anyway, until next time.