Paranoia Of A Japanese Girl
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2005-02-18 03:11:00 (UTC)


Wow......never made an online diary
before..........accualy I hate diarys period. Now I'm
making one for the whole world to see....intentianaly....
after I've spent so many years trying to hide my old
diaries which only had 1 entry. I'm guessing I should've
saw that coming ^_^*

A lil bout me, Tokiyo! aka Tokie-chan!
I was born in Tokyo, and thats how I got my name. My dad
was in the airforce, but shortly after my birth (2 months
latter) he died in a plane accident, and latter my mom
died of cancer. My mom was full Japanese born and raised,
my dad was American, stationed in Japan. Since I had no
more family in Japan I was sent to the states to live wit
my grandparents. Im soon gonna take Japanese classes so I
can speak it and one day move back. Maybe even find some
family, theirs bound to be some somewhere on that island!
Maybe Ill even become a famous J-pop or J-rock singer!
*dreamy sigh* one day.......... another entry soon! With
even more juicy stuff.