worthless lil painslut

my submissive life
2005-02-18 02:03:44 (UTC)

Reality TV

You know those reality-TV shows that are premised on people
making fools out of themselves in the hopes of winning
money? Master and Mistress created something similar just
for me. It began with one month in a chastity belt. Then
their fun really began. The object was to see how much
pain and humiliation they could get me to subject myself
to, in the hopes of winning an orgasm.

Their tasks began simple and grew worse. If I failed to
complete a task, I was put back into the chastity belt for
another week before I got to try again. If I succeeded in
completing a task, they gave me another, more difficult
one. I was told that, eventually, I would have the chance
to win my prized orgasm. I could only hope…

My tasks were as follows.

Task 1. Stand naked in a corner with your nose touching the
wall for 30 minutes.
Task 2. Spend 5 minutes pinching your nipples.
Task 3. Take a black, permanent marker and write and write
PIG across your stomach.
Task 4. Sleep tonight with your ankles tied together.
Task 5. Do not shower, wear a tank-top out today, do not
use deodorant.
Task 6. Give yourself three lashes with the cane on top of
your thighs, one lash right on top of the other.
Task 7. Take an ice-cold shower this morning, do not alter
your routine.
Task 8. Put on the biggest pair of panties you own, give
yourself a painful wedgie, then put on the rest of your
clothes and go out for the day, do not readjust your wedgie.
Task 9. After a long sweaty session on the treadmill, spend
20 minutes sucking on your toes.
Task 10. Attach clothespins to your nipples, leave
them there at least 10 minutes.
Task 11. Go to work wearing 2 different shoes.
Task 12. Get on your hands and knees naked, use your
nose to push an egg back and forth across the floor 10
Task 13. Go out today wearing a very tight pair of
jeans and no panties.
Task 14. Use tweezers to pull out 20 pubic hairs,
save them in an envelope labeled “sub.”
Task 15. Take 40 clothespins, attach them to your
body at your discretion, do not remove for 10 minutes.
Task 16. Pee in a cup and drink it.
Task 17. Use a hairbrush and spank your ass 20 times.
Task 18. Drive to work wearing clothespins on your
nipples, over your blouse.
Task 19. Spend 20 minutes worshiping one of your
high-heeled shoes with your tongue.
Task 20. Go into a pet store and buy a dog collar,
make sure it fits you.
Task 21. Buy a large spool of twine, experiment with
Task 22. Use the handle of a long plastic spoon and
whip your ass 30 times.
Task 23. Shove five ice-cubes up your cunt and hold
them there until completely melted.
Task 24. Light a candle, drip wax on your nipples
until they are completely covered.
Task 25. Go outside in a skimpy tank-top and no bra
and jog around the block with your big tits bouncing for
all to see.
Task 26. Use a hairbrush and spank your tits 20
Task 27. Make yourself a nice dinner, then dump it
on the kitchen floor and eat off your knees with your hands
clasped behind your back.
Task 28. Shove a large, un-lubed butt-plug up your
ass, leave it there at least one hour.
Task 29. Go to work without showering, without
brushing your teeth or hair, and wearing no makeup.
Task 30. Wear your collar and nothing else as you
sleep on the floor tonight.
Task 31. Attach clothespins to your nipples and rip
them off.
Task 32. Take a walk around the block and piss
yourself halfway through.
Task 33. Smear Bengay over your cunt and sit with
your legs together until the burning stops.
Task 34. Kneel naked in front of a mirror
with “ugly” written across your forehead, “worthless”
written across your chest, and “fat” written across your
stomach; repeat “i am a fat, ugly, worthless bitch” for 30
Task 35. Use a hairbrush and spank your ass 50
times, hard.
Task 36. Save several days urine in a bucket, stand
fully dressed in shower and dumb your piss over your head;
remain there for 30 minutes; hand-wash clothes when done.
Task 37. Pick an implement of your choice and spank
your cunt with it 40 times.
Task 38. Insert a large carrot into your cunt, then
eat it.
Task 39. Insert a needle into each of your nipples,
straight through the center.