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2005-02-18 00:32:17 (UTC)

Arrival of Devin

I was jus exhausted for these few days. Now it's 8:00 am
(Hong KOng Time) in the morning. Having been vomiting for
the entire nite the day before yesterday, plus not
sleeping enough due to the leave of my brother, I am
already tried enough to dead. However as he arrived
Sydney in this morning, it makes me can't sleep, i am jus
too consicious to fell asleep!!!

Really hated to be a hyper-sensitive person , whatever
happened can make myself awake, i should say can't get
into dream. Oh my god, really dare not to look into the

Remember when i got back to Hong Kong this time and have
had taken enough rest, i really felt i was recovered from
the over exhausted status . However, now.....ruinned the
result of the recovery period .!!

No way, I will no longer let myself to get into any dull
period. Still got a week or so to start with my new
semester, really get to take enough rest.

Last nite, talked with a friend who i've been knowing for
i think 8-9 years, didn't really discover how differece
she is , but jus could feel how different i am. In fact I
ever was a silently persemistic person. My life ever was
so regular and simple. Slept at 9:00, wake up at six.
Never had i been thinking of not going to school even when
i was sick. Never had i been wondering what i should do,
coz of the regularity. Starting the irregularity since i
was F.3, at that time thought irregulatity seems better.

Since then almost everything has changed. However years
later, the 20 year old gal found out, in fact the
regularity is what she really need. i able to spend this coming year to tone
myself back to the regularity??

That's probably my new goal for this year.

"Big Ideal Plan for the coming year"
* Tone back to regularity
* reasonably attend uni class
* get a better GPA rate
* MOST IMPORTANTLY- better health!!!!

a Longer term of goal:
FLight attendant (hehe~~jus for a year)

After this semester can see whether i am a perosn who
really can achieve whatever planned before!!

Big Plan for today:

hehe~~~buy a schedule: that's what i learn from my cousin

By the way: Thanks someone for telling me not to believe
in fortune, instead believe on my own. I've never thought
u're so mature as u really are.