Completely Random
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2005-02-17 22:13:59 (UTC)

The weekend begins!

well my four day weekend begins.. yey... im going to
styyff's tonight and i guess later on around 11 were going
to her friend jill's to party whoh... im so happy i dont
have to go to school tomarow, im sick of school its so
frigging gay! Tomarow me and stacey are suposed to go to
this girl stephanies house for more partying lol.. hopfully
we'll have fun, i went there last weekend and had a blast..
im just waiting for styyff to call me back later on. my mom
said she'd be home at 5 or maybe even earlyer, shes suposed
to come bring me food after she visits my grandpa..its so
cold out today.. i hate cold weather its depressing.. YEY
my mom JUST pulled in!!!!!!!! im so hungry..brb....ok! im
back... yumm Arby's cheese sticks and frys :D well im going
to go ill ttul buh bye

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