cuncerns of my heart
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2005-02-17 22:12:14 (UTC)

no i dont have a gun

i ususally talk ta this guy everyday an i havent bin talkin ta em that
much since i bin here so its kinda weird but he called me a couple
days ago so now i dont no if i should now or not its drivn me crazy.
i dont wanna b the annoyin friend that wont leave em alone but at
the same time i have a lot a fun talkin ta em. hes really cool. my
dad hates the fact that im talkin ta em tho. hes crazy....my mom
doesnt really care but she still thinks i talk ta em way to much but
she talks ta er friends a lot more then i do..an my lil sis wont stop
buggin me bout em. oo well
i get home fri so until then........................................