The Up's and Down's
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2005-02-17 21:19:56 (UTC)

Inside Reflection

I look at the mirror but I see nothing staring back.
What can she do? What does she lack?

It'd take forever for her wounds to heal,
The numbing pain is something she'd rather not feel.

Friends are now foes,
It seems like nowadays anything goes.

She has nothing left but something that never seems to keep
reality away.
She has nothing left to say.

She's lost and cannot be found,
She doesn't know what to do as her head hits the ground.

The blood that once was red and pure,
Now shows black, there was no cure.

Too many things turned her heart cold,
Her soul could not be sold.

Even satan thought,
What would have happened had she fought?

Would she have lived to see another day?
Maybe, but only God can say.