The Up's and Down's
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2005-02-17 21:19:31 (UTC)

Why Not Me?

Written: 2004-04-13

Looking at you makes me realize,
I wish you had told lies.

I saw the truth staring right at me,
I was blinded, but now I see.

Is there something she has that I don't?
Will she do things that I won't?

All I wanted you to do was satisfy my craving.
Give me the love and attention I needed to stop the

I know I'm not the worst, I know I have some kind
of charm.
So, why isn't it me under your arm?

Someone is always better and maybe he'll be into me,
So, why do I keep thinking we were meant to be?

I'm on my own,
All alone.

But change will come someday,
And on that day-I can say "Fuck you, I'm okay".