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2005-02-17 18:02:18 (UTC)

home early

So last night was an easy night at work. I worked with
Brie...we stood around and talked....and cleaned. Nothing
too bad. Then after work I went to Tim's to spend the
night. we layed around then fell asleep. This morn i got up
at 6:35. Tim brought me to school. We had to turn around at
the diner and then turn going into smith's to turn around
so i could get to school on time. haha. So yeah school
sucked. I hate these days because i have two study halls.
This morn i talked to Claudia the whole morn. in Physics we
watched apollo 13. joy. i left at 12. Jenelle is sick. :(
so tomorrow is friday yay! I dont know what i'm doing
tonight yet. I might be going into work but i dont know. I
dont know what timothy is doing either. I kind of just want
to go to sleep. I have a project to do tonight. ahh.