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2005-02-17 18:01:06 (UTC)

Six quick quit clichés

Six quick quit clichés that turned out to be true for me
From BaldGuy66 on 2/17/2005 12:59:26 PM

1. Small goals are easier to achieve. ‘I won’t smoke today’
works for me because the quit is not laid out in front of
me like an eternal road or a peakless mountain; it is
achievable. If today is too hard, I can pledge not to
smoke ‘this morning’ or ‘until after lunch’ ... then I can
set myself a new goal.

2. You have to want to quit more than you want to smoke. I
don’t think this has to mean every second of every day, but
at the times that count: when the crave hits. When you
crave, remember how much you want to be clean and free and
healthy. Concentrate on that for a few minutes while that
craving passes.

3. The craving will pass whether you smoke or not/No one
ever died from craving. All my cravings for the last [547]
days have indeed passed, and I have not died from craving.
So this appears to be true, so far. I’ll get back to you on
this one.

4. The three-post rule WORKS. If you’re having trouble, let
your friends here at the Q know. ASK FOR HELP. Be bold. You
will get help. The replies you get will not always be what
you WANT to hear, but the advice is usually valuable.
Corollary to the three-post rule: PLEASE post a follow-up
to let us know you’re okay. Sooner rather than later is

5. Take what you can use and leave the rest. This one, I’m
still learning. I do not need to join every flamewar, no
matter how badly I want to express my opinion (which, btw,
is always right!). Sometimes we all have to agree to
disagree. I don’t even need to post ‘I disagree’ posts

6. You are responsible for your Quit and no one else’s. You
can’t KTQ for me, and I can’t KTQ for you. If I blow my
Quit, it doesn’t mean you’ve failed to keep ME quit. If you
blow yours and I tried to help, I can’t beat myself up for
not doing MORE. We’re all pretty vulnerable here, whether
we show it or not. Let’s take responsibility for ourselves
and our actions and our Quits.

Day 547
Originally posted on Day 51