2005-02-17 16:10:44 (UTC)

Beat it, nah, good life...

So Jo is a jerk. Apparently he just wanted to fool around.
Wish he would have told me. Dont think I would have minded
except I got this aura from him like he doesn't care about
me. So I addressed the issue with him, and he had nothing
to say. Unfortunately I couldn't do it face to face. I
couldn't catch him. (Bumped into an old friend instead
though, Danny from AK.) So I gave him a call and he said
himself just consider me a jerk then and go back to the
way things were. Though I told him I'm not gonna come back
to that place for pizza anymore. I stayed on the phone wih
him longer then I should. I was expecting for him to say
something that would give off feeling. I was looking for a
sign of concern, or that he cared about loosing me atleast
a little. It didn't happen. Instead he said he had to go.
I knew that I was better off with knowing his true nature
now, but I was still a little unsettled.

Fortunately I'm in a business that has tought me how to
surround myself and meet new and better people. How to
sort through the dirt to get to the diamonds. So I started
prospecting yesterday after everything. I started by going
to a business academy to get my name out. Later I walked
into a bar in a bowling alley and met a very nice
Guatemalen guy who has 4 mortgages.

Went down Lincoln towards the library. I was in a
fantastic mood and it was a bit chilly. Since it was
chilly I walked into a Christian book store. I met a
wonderful pastor there who was very warm and welcome about
me exploring different religions. He recommended some
books, and invited me back incase I ever wanna chat about
any questions I might have. I keep walking thinking, you
know what, that's exactly what I'm gonna start doing. I am
going to restart exploring the questions that I still have
about my faith. I'll get short term relationships with
fantastic people and so forth.

Walking by what looked like some factory, the most
gorgeous guy was pulling in a heavy carcass of stuff on a
dolly. He had muscles twice as big as my one hand and
tat's. Smoking that cigarette made him look less
attractive, trying to get that one last drag in before he
gets into the building. I kept looking at him, and he in
my direction. Curious whether I should say something. I
look away, back and say: Morning. He says Hey.

I walk a little further and I see a Jewel. I figure what
the heck let's walk on in here. Turns out the guy I saw in
that alley like thing worked in Jewel. I put two and two
together. That brown building was Jewel. So I leave and
call Refie telling her. She asks me if I got his number, I
said no. She sais: Girl you better get back in there and
get it. So I go back.

Can't think of anything to start with so I start with the
obvious: Excuse me, I was wondering where do you work out.
We talked a little. He has a business degree. I'll have
him stop by my office on tuesday and go with the whole
crew to Geno's afterwards.

Met up with Refie, got another number, went to this place
by Austin and Irving, met a great pizza place owner that
made fun of Bacci's with me, and gave us a free slice of
pizza. I don't know what I was doing there in the first
place this is so much better. Nice people. I like them.
But I might like the pizza just a little more.

Life is good. My friends from the past were great, but
I've learned now how to meet more people that are maturing
at my pace, and not taking a detour on the road of life.
Older people that have "extraordinary hearts." People I'll
hopefully work with one day. It's awesome. I wanna go to a
bar. Ciao!