Katrina's Life-Unleashed
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2005-02-17 15:42:06 (UTC)

Still the same day but not...

I just started my diary today but I've been writing
about previous days. Having this diary really helps me calm
down and release myself! That was deep huh!?!?! Well, It's
been about a week since that crazy incident with my EX-
roommates. I haven't been staying there since then. I only
go there to shower. I've been staying with my sister and my
parents. I like it though because I get to be close with
them like I used to. Things are so much better with my dad
and I. He's not upset anymore because I was working at
Penthouse. I quit and I'm still looking for another job! I
hate working though! I know that's bad but I get bored so
easily! I seriously have had so many jobs! My older sister
and I are moving in together when her lease is up in July.
I know she's one person I can live with. Until then I'll be
living with her and her 2 other roommates, who I like very
much. They're like Laura so they're like my sisters too. I
know I'll like it! It's a 5 bedroom house and its got a
backyard....a big one! It's so much better than being in an
apt. The only down side is having to mow the lawn! UCK! lol
Tara, my little sister, is a lot different. I would visit
the house occassionally but now that I've been staying the
night, boy have I noticed her change. She worries about her
physical appearance a lot more, which in ways is a good
thing, and she's grown in a sense that makes her a lot more
mature than me. She tells me to quit mouthing off and to
keep my mought shut when I won't! Like seriously who are
you now! haha! I think it's funny though! My mom and I have
always gotten along! I LOVE HER! She's so funny! I don't
know what else to say about her... nothing has changed!
Grandpa still lives with my parents and he's still the
grumpy old Italian guy you meet at IHOP. HAHA! I'm not
kidding! So basically, everything is back to normal... and
I LOVE IT! What more could I ask for! I have a feeling
today is going to be a good day. The weather might not be
as good as it was a couple days ago but for some reason I
feel happy and that's gonna make this day AWESOME! :) Until
the day is over... CHOW!

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