oh The AGONY!!!
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2005-02-17 14:19:32 (UTC)

What Would the Yakuza Do?

I`m on my way to boarding the sleepy train. tonight I was supposed to get
my aparment in order for caroline whose coming tomorrow, but I looked at
the clock and it was after nine already! where did all that fucking time go? I
did some laundry, made a really yummy dinner of rice, sauteed chicken and
vegetables and gaucamole `cause my giant avacados finally ripened today.
I had a strange epiphany today at the morning meeting that yamaguchi sensei
is a member of the yakuza. why else would he wear his hair like that? and he
always is such the bad ass.. this morning in the teacher`s room it was me,
tackiguchi and the 24 year old math teacher who always gets teased for liking
me, although he`s never spoken to me, or even looked at me, to my
knowledge. I hear my name for a split second as the two of them are talking.
then he gets up and goes to the corner of the room where all the coffees and
teas are. I`m preparing my materials for the elementary school visit I have in
the afternoon, so I don`t have time to look up to see what he`s doing. I can
only hear him clanking around for a good ten minutes, assuming he`s
making an elaborate drink for himself. then he comes back over to the group
of desks and starts whisking something. another few minutes later he says
`Janelle-san. for you.` and hands me a large bowl with frothy bright green
tea in it. I`m so shocked, I take it and say Midori!! `cause I don`t know what
else to. it was really spectacular. Tacki said that he is very skilled in the way
of traditional tea ceremony. I had a big stupid grin on my face the rest of the
day after that. I think with all the teasing and stuff I somehow did develop a
crush on him. I realized it just earlier this week. I was thinking about how he
never speaks to me, looks the other way when we pass in the hall. All these
things I attribute to being nervous and shy. But then I realize I`m doing it
too!! I`ve liked him this whole time and I didn`t even know it!! He barely
speaks english, and he probably has a girlfriend, but still, it`s exciting to
have a crush in the office. it makes the time pass by quicker. I`m off..

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