Miss Thang

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2005-02-17 12:29:39 (UTC)

for fucks sake...............

why do i let this happen??? it happens every fucking
time........ don was meant to be here he siad he would be
and now hes not!!! i guess i have no one to blame but
myself..... i should never have organised the thing with
him at all........

well he was the one who said he wanted to come over which i
was all cool about thinking that seeing he wanted to come
over he actually would but i guess i thought wrong.....

surprisingly i'm a little devo'd about it.......OMG

i can't believe i just said that........ woah i need to
get my shit sorted!!!! i cant do this to myself.... its
just not healthy for me.....

well i'm going to bed now and if don msgs me and says hes
still coming well then so be it but i'm not going to sit uo
and wait all night for him unlike him i have work in the

love you all
xoxox xoxox

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