Tears of a Fallen Soul
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2005-02-17 12:26:33 (UTC)

Wake up call

Wow.... I really hate getting up for school in the morning
even if it's really pretty outside... Sometimes it's not
worth it... today I just wanted to roll over and go back to
sleep but oh well... tomorrow I can sleep in and that's all
that matters... I just have to indure 6 and a half hours at
the school place and that's no easy task... or at least for
me... it sucks going to a school were being different from
every one else but then again the conformity issue is just
rotting away their minds and their creativity so no big
deal... right? Oh well I couldn't care less they should all
die anyway... also I am sorry if I have already offended
some one I know in my last journal here I did that a lot so
I'm sorry in advance.... wow I'm really wanting to see
Ian ... I miss him a lot but I have to wait until Saturday
morning to see him and at the same time a lot of people
want to hang out with me as usual but there's nothing new
about that... every time it seems that he comes over every
one just has to do SOMETHING with us lol .... who knows
maybe this weekend I'll finally get some pictures with
Ian!!!! I've been wanting them for a while lol .... well as
much as I would love to rant and rave or just ramble I have
to go to school now .... or well I have to put my socks on
then shoes then i gotta tie those... get my shit together
and THEN leave lol well yeah gtg ... write more in ya after
school to tell you about my shitty day!!!
~*~*Yours Truly*~*~
*~*Waffo Geek*~*

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