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2005-02-17 10:52:24 (UTC)

now i was trying on the fat girl costume and now im cat women

k so i let my roommate use my car she came back with a
parking ticket and a ticket for my reg. not being updated
which is a $150 ticket???? i got one from a cop and it was
only $60 i never knew that secruity at a city college was
more bad ass that the police but anyway that happen read 8
pages before class watched the ending to Citizen Kane went
to the listening lab and just listen to japanese for an
hour and a half came home read oh and my head light to my
car is out again which happen right after my roomate
borrowed my car hhhmmmmm my sink in my kitchen is cloged
and theres about 3 inches of water just sitting there after
my roomate did the dishes 3 days a ago and its starting to
smell dave came over and we drank a little and watched ATHF
and Pootie Tang went to J in the B and got heart burn now i
feel fat and nasty and i wish i could talk to erika and
cant wait to see her on friday hola back with knives pulled
out like blood in a rare steak on i cant spell at all so im
not going to try and fix anything now or ever

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