Just your average gay dude
2005-02-17 08:24:19 (UTC)


This is my second entry for the night. I have been
reading the journal of another person who will remain
nameless. He was sexually abused as a child. He has
gotten out of that situation but is still recovering from
it. I have email him (and he replied) and added him to my
aim. His story touched me and shows the effects of abuse
in htere purest form. If your out there and you read this
journal. this poem is for you. Just another reminder that
people do understand.


In the end everybody knows your secrets.
You have tried to hide from them your entire life.
Your dirty little secrets.

You have hurt me with your secrets.
You have disgraced your self and your family with them.
But most importantly, you have tried to ruin me.

I stood up for myself and told your secrets.
They hurt me more than anybody.
Your dirty little secrets.

They have cost you your freedom.
But I will laugh at you now
But they have cost me my freedom.
Because I have to live with the aftermath of your secrets.

You can’t make me keep them anymore.
I will tell all who will listen.
I will stand tall.

You can’t hurt me anymore.
Your secrets are out.
You will never make anybody hold your secrets again.


I know it's lame that I seem to care this much about a
person that I have never talked to or met. I guess I'm
not as cold as I thought I was. I have learned something
about myself over the past few days. Isn't that what life
is all about.

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