The Nine Faces of Dave
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2005-02-17 06:41:48 (UTC)

no, people, that was how we did things seven years ago

I really shouldn't be writing entries after 4 AM.

Anyway, I'm feeling less bummed out, though the "information
packrat" tendency is as strong as ever.

And for the record, mail to Fishlake Valley is sent to Dyer,
Nevada, the one city in the valley. The zip code is 89010.

So back to my rantings.

I think part of the reason I've been so bummed out lately is
that approximately every woman I know outside my family has
been thoroughly unpleasant as of late. I'm quite thoroughly
disgusted with the way some of them have been acting.

A friend of mine maintains that it's something almost unique
to the women at this campus, "it" being the extreme egotism
and immaturity some of them seem to display. He speculates
that it happens because so many of them are from small towns
in the region, where they would get treated especially well
for being even marginally attractive, just because there are
so few people around. Then they end up in a situation where
not every man around wants to date them, yet they still tend
to operate on that assumption.

Here's what went down. A friend of mine suddenly started to
act all weird and unpleasant when talking to me, and damned
if I had any notion why. Turns out, so I heard anyway, that
some stupid friend of hers, who I'm beginning to suspect has
some sort of problem with me, had convinced her that I quite
clearly had feelings for her. This was not the case.

Here's the thing. At the time I talked to my friend fairly
regularly on AIM. There are several people I talk with like
that, and most of them I don't even think are good-looking,
usually because they're other men. So somehow the fact that
I talk to someone regularly means I'm trying to get them in
bed. Chew on that for a while.

Apparently this reaction is fairly common here, which means
of course that isn't an institute of higher learning, but is
instead "the high school after high school," where the only
appropriate response to someone finding you attractive is to
be really unpleasant to them. Jesus.

I admit, I've inspired a lot of bad reaction and some pretty
classic rejections, but for god's sake people, isn't it time
for that sort of thing to be over? We're adults here; let's
stop acting like we're all 14.

Enough of this. Time for bed.