Ordinary Girl
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2005-02-17 06:39:29 (UTC)


Good lord so much has been going on in my life I don't
know where to start. Mom made it through her surgery on the
25th. But less than two days later it leaked and she had to
go back under. Thankfully they repaired the leak and she
was able to free herself of the colostomy bag.

Brenda had her Baby. A little boy she named Brandon. He
came by C-Section which was sad but he was 9 pounds and 5
ounces so there was no chance he would come any other way.
Miah has been staying at home most days and night wich
leads me to my dilemma. I miss him. I miss him so much I
hurt. But if he did try and come over for more than an hour
or so or if he tried to come over as much as he used to I
would send him home. I want him with me but I know that he
needs to be right where he is at. I find myself often
locked in a battle with myself. He has told me repeatedly
that I have a claim on him and that if Multiple marraige
were leagle I would be saying vows and signing papers just
as fast as he could get me there but He has an obligation
to his wife and children as well. He has said that in his
mind I'm on the same level as they are but I don't agree.
Brenda and the kinds should come before me eveytime. I know
that In my head and my heart but that doesn't change how
much I miss him. I'm going in circles and its not helping.

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