Let's see how long this lasts
2005-02-17 04:54:20 (UTC)

The crappy day that could only get better

I just feel stupid. I don't think I've done anything
remotely intelligent since I got here. I only made a 70 on
my religion test and can't score anything on the quizzes he
gives. Maybe I should drop it. I refuse to have
unneccesary Cs on my transcript. Maybe that's haughty, but
I'm smarter than that. Plus my parents should absolutely
die (or kill me) of disappointment. Speech class was OK,
but then in percussion ensemble I couldn't play anything
right and had to revisit a mentally block I had forgotten I
had. Yuck. How embarrassing. I'm better than that. I
paper-cut... no gashed myself in English right in the what
jon just called the thumb-forefinger valley to where
everytime I move my hand it hurts. Then in choir, Ich bin
das Brot sounded terrible and I had a nice little
embarassing solo in Carmina. BAH! but I knew the day had
to get better. Then jon was in a bad mood and I don't like
it when he's in a bad mood. I always feel like its my
fault even if it isn't. but then I went upstairs and I
forget what happened. I think absolutely nothing
productive. I went downstairs an hour later and hung out
iwth Wisconsin and Jody and that cheered me a little. The
I took a two hourish nap. Glorious! that was the best
ever. Then Whit and I went to eat and I saw a guy with red
and white striped pants and it made me happy. then I had a
stupid floor meeting and then I went to the library. I
didn't really go there to see jon. I went to do research.
I ended up talking to him, but mainly to the awesome old
guy who's always there. I wish I knew his name. it was
weird for a moment cause he thought we were dating. oh
well. I think I'm gonna try the rubber band theory.
Anyone who's talked to me recently knows what I mean.
Anway, gotta go...

Final thought: There are stars in the southern sky
southward as you go. There is moonlight and moss in the
trees down the seven bridges road.

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