lover vs.Hater
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2005-02-17 04:51:41 (UTC)

a girl and a boy

Lonely in the corner. Standing by her self. On one to talk
too. No one to share secrets with. She stands looking at
her worn shoes. A quick glance up to see if someone was
coming. No is coming. They don’t notice her. They don’t
care about her. She only wishes they did. Then one day a
boy walks up to her. She smiles as good as she can. Talked
they did for hours. And the next day. And then for the next
week. He continued to come. And she continued to smile. He
would say things that would make her feel like a queen. She
waited for the moment that they would talk again. He knew
everything about her. And she about him. They were like two
flowers on a single branch. Just them in their perfect
world. But then one day he didn’t come. She felt like
dying. So the next day he never came. She walked up to
where they stood before. And simply told him “I love you”
and walked away…