Tears of a Blood Stained Rose
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2005-02-17 04:09:55 (UTC)

Tentaive Love Motion

Don't gaze at anything
Are you so captive to my charms?
When those eager eyes look at me, I feel it gradually
coming closer
You'll never return even when our white fingertips lay
over each other
I only want to see you in the beauty of the night

I continue to stare at your body
Please take my body
Everything is thrown away, all of it
Maddening, neverending love motion

Don't gaze at anything
This is our neverending love story
Everything is thrown away, all of it
Neverending love motion

I'll simply love you
Please immerse all of me in this love
Our passion draws closer and closer
Never stopping, maddening love motion

I continue to look only at you
Please love this body
Everything is thrown away, all of it
Maddening love motion

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